Travel information for your sailing trip

Soon your "adventure tall ship" will begin. Below you will find your travel information with interesting details and helpful information for the optimal preparation for your sailing trip. We are looking forward to welcoming you on board soon and to dive into the wonderful world of sailing with you.

If you have any questions in the run-up to the sailing trip, you can reach us under the following contact details in the office:
Phone: 02381-969980 or by mail: (emergency phone number of TSC: 0159 04867225).

Please contact the owners/skippers of the boat only in case of emergency on the day of arrival. In general, the office is your contact.

General info:

  • You have received the ship's telephone number in advance by mail.
  •     It is possible that your ship is not directly at the quay, but in the second or third row next to other ships.
  •     Even if the ship is already in the harbor: Please do not come on board earlier than confirmed. The ship will be cleaned and prepared for you and your fellow sailors in the harbor.
  •     Entering and leaving the ship is only possible after the "Go" of the skipper - also during embarkation.

Rules of conduct on board:

  • The instructions of the crew of the ship must be followed at all times.
  • Please use the drinking water on board sparingly (when showering) and also the electricity.
  • The rest time in all ports is to be kept between 22:00 o'clock in the evening - 08:00 o'clock in the morning.
  • Music from self-brought loudspeakers is to be switched off when mooring and docking.
  • Smoking is allowed only in the outdoor area and cigarettes are disposed of in the ashtray.

Packing List: I pack my suitcase and take with me... suitcase! We strongly recommend that you avoid bulky suitcases and take a travel bag instead. Travel bags are easier to store and don't take up as much space in the cabins.


    Sailing shoes/ shoes with white soles are not necessary
    No special sailing clothes are necessary on board
    The outside temperature can be cooler at sea due to the wind.

So that you don't forget anything important, we will pack your travel bag together with you:

  • Solid shoes (sneakers, sneakers)
  • Bathing slippers/flip flops
  • Clothes for warm and cooler days
  • Waterproof jacket & possibly rain pants
  • Sun hat, cap, headgear
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun cream
  • Swimwear
  • Towels
  • toilet bag/ wash bag
  • hair dryer
  • Sleeping bag/blanket (if bed linen is not included)
  • Identity card/passport (every traveler!)
  • Vaccination card
  • Health insurance card
  • First-aid kit (if necessary)
  • Charger for cell phone etc.

  •  Board games/ card games
  • Football/volleyball/beach tennis
  • Musical instrument


Catering & Galley

"Participation full board":

On our sailing trips, you book our "participation full board" and as the name suggests, all sailors are also busy in the galley.

Thus, besides the fun work in the team, really tasty dishes are conjured up.

On all ships there is a fully equipped kitchen. Should you bring your own food due to allergies/intolerances, there are sufficient cooling facilities on board. Please inform us nevertheless, if not already done, so that the ship's crew can adjust to it.


Tap water on board all of our ships is drinking water. Please take a reusable bottle with you to refill on your own and refrain from bringing plastic bottled water.


Coffee and tea are included on your sailing trip.

Other drinks:

All other drinks (soft drinks, beer, wine, etc.) can be purchased on board at fair prices. The drinks will be paid cash on board at the end of your sailing trip.

Itinerary/ Possible Destinations & Ports

"We sail wherever the wind takes us." This statement is often smiled at in advance, but it is 100% true. All our ships are traditional sailors and the destination port is determined by wind and weather. The captain agrees with the group in the morning which port will be visited next.

In the rules, the departure takes place in the morning between 09 - 11 o'clock and the destination port is reached in the afternoon/early evening.

Possible additional costs on board

Please check your booking confirmation to see if the board cash is shown separately. In this case, it will be paid in cash on board at embarkation.

If not, the board is already listed as an inclusive service and the board cash is therefore included in the tour price.

As already described above, the other drinks are paid in cash on board after consumption at the end of the sailing trip.

Problem solving

We want to pull together with you! And this applies on board of our sailing ships not only when hoisting and hauling the sails.

If there is a problem during your sailing trip, please do not be afraid to talk to the crew about it. This is the only way that the crew of the ship can react directly to it and work on solving the problem.

This can be technical problems (for example, a drain not working) or personal things. We want you to have a good and enjoyable time on board and are happy to address it together with you if there are discrepancies or shortcomings.